Monday, 24 August 2015

A farm at the beach

Whoa, what a busy weekend. Mostly for Hubby. He finished the hardwood edging for the front garden and got started on the chook house out the back.  He just has to secure the stumps for the garden bed and then I can fill with delicious new dirt and compost and get going. This week I will plant seeds and hopefully in a couple of weeks we will start filling the garden. It is raining today so everything else is getting a nice watering. It has been well needed and we're very grateful for it, though our car window is broken at the moment and stuck all the way down. I've had to cover with a garbage bag but that has to come down if I need to drive anywhere - which I did this morning, so I got a little bit wet - didn't hurt though so don't worry.... :)

My sad paw paw's.
Anyone know what I need to do to help them?
So we've definitely decided to get some chookies again. This time we are going to do it right! The last time we let them roam everywhere and anywhere all the time, which is nice and all, but when you are on a 550sqm block, there isn't anywhere you can walk with out stepping in poo! We tried to cordon of sections for them, but in the end when I was pregs with LDD I couldn't stand the smell, and we gave them to a lovely friend to look after. We wont be getting them back, so I am on the lookout for some new ladies. And so this time we are building a lovely big home for them right up the back corner in the most useless space for us but perfect for them. It was just decked, but we have pulled that up. We will let them free range for the afternoons just before bedtime. I think they will have a lovely life there and the kidlets cant wait either.
Before the chook house.

Frame up for the chookies.

Our tiny backyard.

Tiny back yard from the other side.
Talking with the wee ones while all the building is going on around them, DD says "we've got a farm at the beach", so yeah, we really do have the best of both worlds......

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