Sunday, 15 July 2018

Gardening reality

Its been a bit of a topsy turvy winter, but there are still little green babies coming along. 🌱
The beetroot loves it here, phew! The snow peas never make it into the house, I'm dreaming about what I will do with my sweet cabbages and the broccoli looks so cute.
I find it so very interesting when I talk to other gardeners around here and how vastly different the growing conditions are for similar plants.
I have been having a crack now for a good 8 years on this patch and I can tell you it took me almost 8 years to accept I just cant grow everything I want.
So I put the love into what I know will grow and am rewarded with my abundance.
Figure out what grows well in your patch and be blissfully happy when you serve it up for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 🙌
Do you struggle to grow something that your neighbour somehow manages?

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