Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Puddles of fun

I've spent the last few afternoons at the beach with the kidlets. Theres a nice 'puddle' down there that has kept them quite entertained. Plus the sand dunes and what ever they have conned me into taking down for them.We could literally spend hours there. I'm the one that feels the cold first and tends to gather everyone back up to head home for a nice warm shower. LDD loves to eat the sand, which makes nappy changing quite interesting, but it really is the best place to just sit back, take it slow and enjoy what I have in my life. 
The beans have sprouted.
I watched a really interesting show on abc iview (frantic family rescue) last night about slowing down family life. Quite interesting if you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all. I have already been making the effort to slow our lives down to enjoy each other more and just spend the time at home living and learning with what we have. It is a never ending journey and one that I am so relieved to have stumbled upon.

Carrot experiment.
 Each day I am trying to achieve something in the garden. Today we saved our carrot tops and popped them in some water in a bowl on the window sill. Apparently they will sprout leaves/shoots which can be used in salads and stews. You cant grow a new carrot, but I am at least interested to see and taste the sprouts. The beans have also germinated nicely on the north window sill. I am hoping they will kinda drape over the pot for a pretty look and easy picking. If they don't I will transplant them into the garden somewhere.
Ginger rhizomes.

Sprouted Choko.
 We were given some gorgeous ginger from a lady that DH works with, I have left them on the window sill too to shoot. Along side them is my delightful choko, lots of sweet little leaves coming to life. It really is amazing to think that enclosed in this single vegetable is everything this plant needs to get started. I have not given it any water or anything for that matter. Just popped it into a cup and let it work its magic. Once we have our garden beds finished outside it should be ready for its new home out in the dirt.
Greenpatch order arrived.
And finally today, my package arrived from Greenpatch seeds. Which means I now have a lot of work ahead of me. 21 seed packets in all, a kilo of seed potato, comfrey, asparagus, sweet potato. I'm so excited to think of all the work I have to do in our garden with the wee ones playing around me and helping where they can. Happy happy days!!!

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