Friday, 7 August 2015


The last couple of days have been quite chilly and therefore I am a little less motivated. Though I did find myself out the front yesterday morning defrosting in the sun loving my outlook. My two youngest playing happily on the swing set reminding me just how lucky we are. I love sitting out the front imagining my garden in full bloom with lots of veges and fruit ripe for the picking. DH has dug  1m wide around the front perimeter, in total close to 50m in length. We are going up to the local timber mill this weekend to source some non-treated hardwood for the border. We will spend the weekends for the rest of this month preparing for spring. This will include garden planning as well as bringing in some good soil and mushroom compost from our local rural shop. We have one compost bin ready to go but it wont make much of dint out the front so thinking I will use it on the beds out the back. Obviously I will keep you posted on the progress.

Breakfast looked so pretty this morning I just had to share a pic. I was lucky enough to eat it all on my own without the little vultures stealing it from me. I've really changed my attitude on what a breakfast should consist of and have mostly done away with the usual cereals and stuff. To much packaging, processing and refined sugars for my liking.  I do love my eggs and eat them most days, but otherwise I will just stir-fry a heap of veges or eat leftovers from dinner. Not much goes to waste in our house and I think that is one of our biggest savers. I have heard that the average household will discard about 20% of the food they buy equating to around $1000 each year!!! If it cant be eaten or reused in another meal it will either go into our compost or we are very lucky the local council supplies us with another compost bin for stuff that cant go into our compost bin, like bones (which I only throw out after making a bone broth), seafood and other bits of muck.

This afternoon after a seeming unproductive day I found my second wind. I somehow managed to clear my kitchen bench which had become the landing strip for anything coming into the house....Then I managed to get a loaf of bread on, pastry made and dinner became a dishless pie - just to try something new and the chicken wings were ready to be marinated. Though when DH came home he kindly offered to take over the wings and prep something himself. I was quite happy also to find a ridiculously reduced ($1) bunch of lovely yellow roses after I finished my groceries to brighten up the day too. Dinner was delicious, the kiddlets were tired from a big week so into bed nice and early and now I wish I was sipping on a nice red while tip tapping away, but we will enjoy that one tomorrow night.

I was using positive affirmations not so long ago and think I might need to find some new ones over the weekend - in particular for these less than motivating days. Any ideas? My oldie but a goldie -"Every second wasted can never be replaced".

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