Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Past Lessons

“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” ~Unknown

So on this little journey with my family, I often stumble upon a moment when I think 'if only I started this 10 years ago....' or something like that. Why did I buy that car in my early 20's and not something more practical that cost less, why didn't I buy a house when I was single and earning all that dosh, why didn't I save it, why, why, why! Grrrr, I get so frustrated with myself. So from this day on I am going to look at those 'mistakes' as lessons that I will learn from for the future. I'm so grateful that for whatever reason, I've had and 'aha' moment and am now looking ahead to a brighter healthier and abundant life. And boy do I hope the wee ones, well, appreciate it I guess. I'd love to think they will go on to never have a trouble in the world, but then what lessons would they learn....

Today I called a friend who is a lot deeper into the wellness journey than myself to talk about kombucha. She super kindly offered to 'gift' part of her scoby to me, so I whipped up a fresh batch of my turmeric tea to take around to 'barter' with. This is my third batch of tea. We harvested the turmeric from our garden and were blessed with almost 3kgs worth. I have put it in the deep freeze and pull out about 200g whenever I need to make our tea. I have heard turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory powers, so I started this tea in the hopes it would aid the pains I get in my hands - along with other dietary changes.

After I came home and put bubs to bed, I started the tea concoction for my kombucha. I used 2 liters of our filtered water, 1 cup of sugar, 5 green & 4 black tea bags. After it finally cooled down, I put our new 'pet' into the concoction - now to wait for 7-10 days to enjoy. There is a lot of waiting in this new simple life of mine. You really have to take the time to slow down, enjoying the process of making all these goodies. Everything is taking me longer than expected, but I am sure that as time goes on it will all become second nature.

When I was around at my friends house we talked a lot about fermenting. I have been inspired to try lots of new things. On my wish list is Kefir milk. This is the starter she used. She also had some dill pickles on the go and some sauerkraut which I think is next on my list to make as I have a half cabbage waiting for me in the vege crisper.

 I also bottled up my tomatoes today - 6 jars from 3kg. And dinner was tuna cakes with steamed veges, a large fried mushroom with a dollop of homemade yogurt and fresh crispy radish. Yummo.
I was a bit behind the 8-ball today, having had an impromptu visit with kombucha friend, but I haven't stopped smiling since!

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