Monday, 31 August 2015

Doing it myself

The thing I am loving most lately is making things myself. If you can buy a product from the shops you can pretty much bet you can make it yourself. While it is not always the case that I am making 'everything' myself, I am really making a concerted effort to find a homemade solution to as many things as possible. Whether it be food, a cleaning product or something to use around the house I will do a little research and find out which way and how to make it to best suit my family. Surprisingly there are heaps of different ways of making the same thing out there, so all the more fun for me to keep trying. 

Whole wheat tortilla's.
Yummo chicken and salad to go with my tortilla's.

In just these last few days I made my own tortillas which we had with a homemade tomato salsa, slow cooked chicken and salads. The kidlets love love love these. I potted my own seeds instead of buying seedlings. Then I re-used old bottles to make mini greenhouses for each pot. About half the pots have germinated as of this morning, hopefully they will all be sprouting with glory in the next few days.

Organising my seeds.

My mini greenhouses.

Then I made ABC muffins (apple, banana & chocolate) for the wee ones for lunches tomorrow. I had to taste test.... and wash it down with my homemade turmeric tea, which a drank from our teapot and homemade tea cosy ( which is still waiting for its pom pom!). I can smell my bread baking as I write and I am aching from shoveling dirt into our new garden beds, which hubby has made himself!

ABC Muffins

Turmeric Tea

It absolutely is the most satisfying feeling knowing I can and have made all these things myself. Even if they taste different than the store bought version, don't keep as well.... and take some time to prepare, it just feels so right! DD keeps asking me why I am smiling (for no apparent reason) all the time.... I'm just stoked to be doing it myself!

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