Monday, 17 August 2015

Exciting beginnings

 It has been an exciting and productive weekend. We went out to the timber mill and picked up 15 x 8ft hardwood timber off-cuts for the edge around our new garden. As you can see we will have it around the perimeter of our yard. All up there will be about 50sqm of garden area. I know that sounds like a lot to maintain, but I will also be intermingling the fruits and veges with flowering plants and natives. We hope that having the space will allow us to give each plant plenty of love without them having to compete with each other. DH managed to get all 15 logs out with another 15 to come next weekend. He will be away with work all week, so I will try and get as much prepped for him by the time he gets back.
The beginnings of our new garden
 After all our hard work through the days, we finished both nights with my favourite quick fix choco treat. I will post the recipe one day if you like. These can be whipped up and enjoyed literally within 5 minutes. I use my home made vanilla essence, which I can post the recipe one day too.....
My Fave quick choc fix
Tuesday mornings are always hectic for me, so I like to get the kids lunches ready the night before. Tonight I made a gluten free slice (recipe anyone???) which they haven't tried before and I hope they like. Can always be a bit tricky trying new things with the wee ones, what I think they would like can completely backfire on me. Sometimes I don't mind because I get that snack all to myself, other times they were right and it was a doozy! (not very often though.)
Kids lunches snack
Yesterday I slow roasted a chook - our absolute favourite way to cook a chicken. Plain chook smothered with emeril's essence and cooked on slow for about 8-10 hours. We all just eat it as is. Yummo. I save all the bones and using all the onion/carrot/celery/garlic bits I have saved since the last one I made go back into the slow cooker and topped with filtered water and left to cook away for 24 hours. It really is best to leave it this long as all the goodness is really pulled from everything and you are left with a glorious broth - or stock if you prefer. This is delicious to drink with a splash of fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning as well as being super nutritious for you. 
Bone broth
DH has been learning the ukulele and he really can play quite well now. Its nice to sit here writing away and listening to him figure out his latest song. Hes working on a very Spanish sounding number at the moment. Just lovely xx

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