Sunday, 19 November 2017

Garden to the Plate

The photo did not capture how amazingly yummy this salad was. 
Fresh warm roasted beetroot, beetroot leaves, sautéed zucchini in butter and danish feta with apple cider, olive oil and honey dressing. 
Nothing beats the taste of fresh ingredients. 
Feel so so satisfied with myself when I can serve up this amazing goodness to my family. 
Did you cook from your garden today?

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Seed saving

My broccoli seeds are ready. 
These babies will be perfectly acclimatised to this part of the world and my garden in particular for next season. 
l have more that are still setting seed and also some still providing fresh broccoli on our dinner plates. 
I love seeing the cycle of life in plant form here every day. 
It really teaches you appreciation and gratitude that you cant buy anywhere! 
And just a bouquet of rainbow chard that will be a side with the zucchini and squash to our Tamarind chicken for dinner tonight.
Have you thought about seed saving before? 

Monday, 13 November 2017

Garden Tour #2

I went for a little walk around the garden today....Its a bit wobbly, but you get to see most of whats going on. I will post another when the garden is in full swing to see the difference.

This is almost a year after my last garden tour. I will also add a stocktake for the 'spring collection' soon.
Happy gardening my friends x


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