Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Homemade Spray cleaner

Today I made a homemade 'spray and wipe' version, toxic free and kind to my family and our environment as well as being cheap and easy to make . I used it to clean the gas stove top which was really grimy and I honestly think it was way better than the store bought chemical yukky stuff!

Home made spray cleaner.

All you need is.....

  • 1.5L of water - 1 cup of very hot water
  • 300mls of white vinegar
  • 60mls dish washing detergent (try for plant based)
  • 25mls eucalyptus oil 
  • 3tbls lectric washing soda powder
Carefully mix the washing soda with 1 cup of very hot water until it is dissolved. Add the reminder of the ingredients into a clean 2L bottle and fill the rest with cold tap water and shake well. Fill a spray bottle - I re-used my old 'spray and wipe' bottle and store the rest out of reach from little ones.

This can be used on kitchen benches, sinks, toilets, laundry stains, washing freshener, tiled and vinyl floors, showers and carpet stains. It also removes stickers and sticky bits. Just spray and leave for a bit then wipe off.

Don't use on timber surfaces as it could damage the finish.

And don't use on mirrors as the oil will leave the mirrors streaky.

Hope you like it xx

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