Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Love a bargain

The day started as normal, hectic from the get go. I am really working on slowing myself down so the stresses of trying to organise the day with little ones doesn't get me down. I have worked out a few tasks that help if I prepare them the night before, kids lunches if they have preschool for example. I am also trying to get the kids more involved it helping around the house and feeling like they are contributing to the family. Unstacking the dishwasher in the mornings started out as DD 'job', but this morning DS decided he wanted in too! I'm cool with that, so they both worked together to get it done. They have also checked back several times during the day to see if it needed to be done again. Wish they would pick up their toys too! Instead today I de-cluttered and sent all the toys downstairs. 6 big storage crates full later and its all gone. I wonder how long it will take to make its way back up again. I really should get in and sort it out before that. 

I looked up this morning on my sunny windowsill and noticed my choko has started sprouting. I'll wait till it has a nice tendril before I take it outside and pop into the ground near my banksia trees where I plan to run a line for it to climb over and around. Then hang our hammock underneath. Should be a nice shady retreat when the heat really sets in. I'm also hoping that by then the tiger grass that we planted last summer will have grown thicker and offer a bit more wind protection from the howling southerlies. Beside my choko I have my spring onion sprouts. I keep the bottoms from the ones I buy in the shop and set in water for a few days before transplanting out into the garden too. I only have to buy a couple of bunches and then I have my own ready supply to keep me going for the spring/summer season. I was also given some seeds last year as well which I will plant out when it starts warming up a bit more. I also noticed that I have some little ones still holding on from last season. I don't want to pull them out, but if they don't perform when it starts to warm up I'll have to trade them in I guess.

Now I have this one fork and it has a pretty pattern on the handle and DD loves it. Of course now DS loves it too, so every night the battle begins as to who gets it (the same goes for a sippy cup with Lightning McQueen on it). So it was off to my fave op shop to source another fork! Sure enough there were lots of 'pretty' forks so we grabbed a few (at 10c, who can complain), DD also happened to spot the exact same sort of sippy cup we have at home with a princess design - 50c score. But my favourite pick up had to be the ceramic drink dispenser ($8) and giant pot ($10). The drink dispenser will be perfect for my kombucha to hang out in the fridge in and the pot is big enough for me to fit my jars in for canning. Win and Win. 

 Its all coming together for me and the smiles keep coming. The simple things in life really can make one happy!!

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