Friday, 14 August 2015

Blissful days

The last couple of days have been bliss. I'm not sure why I have felt such a calm, but it has sure washed all over me and passed onto the wee ones. Admittedly there are still moments of hectic but all in all it has been a serene couple of days. The sun has been shining again (though everyone keeps warning me another cold snap will pass through soon) and I have spent most of the last couple of days playing cars or tiggy with DS on the front lawn. I haven't really managed to get many 'jobs' done, but I really don't care. It has been so nice to just 'be' with the bubs. I keep saying to myself I have this and this to do, but I know that they will always wait to be done, so really there is no hurry. I did manage to save enough citrus peels to start brewing my citrus cleaner. I saved all my peels after I ate or used for cooking and popped them into a glass jar and kept in the fridge. I added vinegar and kept topping both up. I have now left it in the cupboard where it will stay for another couple of weeks to really let the goodness of the citrus peels and vinegar combine and then I will use that as an all purpose spray cleaner - with no nasties! I will continue to save my citrus peels now to keep this in stock.
Citrus vinegar cleaner
 The other very productive day I had this week was on Tuesday, when I managed to get the shade cloth up on the fence. Didn't take me long at all considering 2 kidlets were at preschool and one was asleep. I cable tied it the fence, but I am still not quite sure of how to finish it up. The shade cloth over laps and I wonder whether to leave it or cut it..... Nevertheless, its up and adding a little more protection from the sea spray. This weekend we are going up to the timber mill to get some good hardwood for the garden walls. DH will be putting in the hard work over the next couple of days and then we can start to get the soil ready for planting. I purchased a heap of seeds from a local organic mob (Greenpatch Organic Seeds) the other day and cant wait for it all to begin.

Shade cloth up
This morning I had delicious free range eggs on homemade toast with lots of butter. The eggs come from a lady that DH works with. I love to open the carton and look at the different colours and sizes of the eggs we get from her, there must be at least 7 different mumma's in this carton. We are in the middle of tossing up whether to get our own chooks again or not. They really make a lot of mess and on our 550sqm block it kinda gets everywhere. I'm not sure if I like the idea of them cooped up, but I love my eggs and all the other bonus's like manure, scraps and bug catchers. We'll have to make up our minds very soon, because if we do I want to get little chicks and raise them so they can be pets for the bubs too.
Freshest free range eggs on toast, mmmmm.
 Dinner cooked all day, and every time I came inside I could smell it, so naturally by the time we were all ready to eat I was 'starving'. Lamb, lentil and barley soup using homemade chicken stock, cooked nice and slow in the slow cooker. Glad I had that organised, because we ended up stopping in at the park on the way home from preschool pickup and there was a koala visiting. I noticed he had a sore eye so called the Koala hospital who then came out to rescue him. He put up a 'fight' (no one was hurt) and in the end he found a higher tree to climb, so they didn't manage to get him. They said it looks like he has conjunctivitis so they will keep an eye out in the area for him and hopefully get him so they can help him. The kids thought it was the best thing, but were deeply concerned for him. We'll go back to the park in the morning and check to see if he's still there.

I love my slowcooker
The week was bliss and now its the weekend, love when the family is all together, good times.

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