Monday, 10 August 2015

Bring on spring!

After a few less than motivating days, I certainly found some in the last couple of days. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on the weekend again and it seemed such a waste not to get out there and get dirty. I managed to re-pot my indoor plants and fertilise them, give everything a bit of a water, plant some new seeds and feel pretty good about it all! The kids played around me wherever I was and even assisted where they could. I love that they are keen to be a part of it all. The last couple of seasons have been tough producing anything substantial, the kids tend to eat it straight of the bush before it even makes it inside. I am hoping this year with a bit of protection we can improve our bounty....
The pots of garlic are coming along just nicely,
harvest time in November.
Just over a week ago in our old wheelbarrow tub
I planted rocquet, english spinach, curly parsley and chives.
Its hard to see, but they have all sprouted, some more than others.
Some new shallot seeds planted in an old broccoli box.
Blueberry bush with lots of flowers,
haven't had any berries of it yet in the last couple of years.
Re-potted my cape gooseberry.
Planted some pansies, peas and beans,
they hang nicely over the railing for easy picking and it looks nice.
 Today started off with a visit to the local fruit and vege shop to check for bargains and we scored a nice little stash. Then it was off to the park and a little bike ride along the creek before swimming lessons. DS fell off into the bushes and was covered in farmers friends which bothered him to no end until he managed to pick all of them off. The sun was shining and we were happily eating strawberries and boiled eggs along the way. A glorious start to the day.

Riding along the creek in our beautiful town.
My $16 bounty from the fruit and veg shop.
This afternoon was spent chopping tomatoes for the slow cooker, prepping for dinner and making my first purple and white cabbage sauerkraut. What a mess I made. Though it was easier than I thought it would be. Once it was done I sat it in the cupboard next to my kombucha. My gut will love me soon!
For my sauerkraut I used 1/2 purple cabbage and 1/4 white cabbage totaling about 1.2kg, 1 1/2 tablespoons sea salt. I shredded the cabbage in the food processor then massaged the salt into the cabbage for about 10 minutes until it was nice and wet from its own juices. Then popped it into a 1L jar. Pressed it down quite firmly and topped with liquid. I saved a cabbage leaf to cover the shredded bits and to help keep it under the liquid so it doesn't spoil. Now to wait a week or so to taste and see where to go from there.
Dicing up tomatoes and into the slow cooker for a few hours.
First sauerkraut attempt.....
I have just remembered I need to make the kids lunches for tomorrow, so I better get to it!

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