Monday, 30 April 2018

Time for some compost love

Yesterday a friend asked me about worms..... compost worms that is. Which promptly reminded me I was due to give my compost some love and I just so happened to have lots of goodies to add into this beautiful food for my garden. Plus the worms will be pleased with some fresh food.
So into the drum went:
Lots of banana peels - normally I cut these up into little pieces, but there were just too many and I was lazy. Banana peels add calcium, magnesium, sulphur, phosphates, potassium and sodium to the mix.
Shredded paper, as it was a bit wet with all the rain we'd had and I dont want my compost to be a rotting soggy mess. Plus its a nice way to reduce waste around here a little more - I shred any old plain paper bills and scrap paper and keep in a bucket to use later. I then use it either in my compost or in the chicken coup for the egg bucket and roosting area Which then gets cleaned out and added to the compost too when it goes yucky.
I mucked out where the neighbours frangipani leaves had all fallen around my fig and paw paw trees, leaving some there for mulch on its own. Careful when touching fresh frangipani leaves as the sap can be an irritant. Old leaves dont pose any bother.
Lastly adding a bucket of fresh pigeon pea leaves. These leaves are a great source of nitrogen. Actually the whole plant is amazing which I will talk more about another time.
I gave the barrel a good tumble and will leave the worms and the goodness to do their thing ready to be added to the garden early spring for some much needed nutrients.
Do you have compost? Have you given it some love recently?

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