Friday, 27 April 2018

From the garden to the plate

After a week of camping and a busy day today of unpacking and kombucha brewing/dealing, I ran out of time to go and do the groceries.

Thankfully I have my plentiful garden to fall back on.

Today my glorious garden provided us with a spaghetti squash, a few sweet potatoes, shallots, cherry tomatoes, spinach, beans, parsley and chilli to make a kind of bubble and squeak dish.

Just a stir stir-fry of the veggies and garlic (with a bit of left over bacon from the camping trip) salt, pepper and olive oil served on top of some pasta (I'm a total pasta-holic) to fill up. Garnished with fresh parsley and chilli.

I'm full, satisfied and ever so grateful.

The fridge might be bare, but the garden was full for us today.

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