Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Here & Now

Its been a long time since my last Here & Now, but I will hopefully be more consistent now with my new 'goals' in mind. I am always making myself busy, sometimes too much so, but at the moment I am.....

Loving // Our new deck that is almost finished being built, photos to come when completed.

Eating // Fresh salad (from my garden of course) and chicken 'green' wraps for lunch everyday this week.

Drinking // Leftover fruit smoothies...The kids can be so wasteful and I cant handle it, so the bruised and uneaten bits go into my after gym smoothies.

Feeling // Tired and sore from my favourite gym class that I started about a month ago and have been sore ever since.

Making // Kombucha every Friday which I sell to my local followers. Trying out new flavours now the popularity is increasing.

Thinking // I have been super slack with my blog contributions, so have updated and backdated a lot of the goings on around here.

Dreaming // Of a holiday! I cant wait for hubby and I to go on a holiday together just the two of us.

If you would like to share your little thoughts too, pop on over the Sarah's page Say Little Hen :) You will also see some other lovely blogs shared there as well x

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