Thursday, 19 April 2018

Bee's by the Beach

So in other exciting news this week.....I became a beekeeper!

My beauties were delivered on Sunday from Erik at King Creek Farm.

Erik has been amazing in his support for teaching, offering advice anytime and delivering quality bees.

He also won first place for his honey at the Wauchope Show.

These little power workers have settled in wonderfully with zero stings, phew!

Already we are finding ourselves mesmerised by them as they buzz around in the figure 8's before zipping off to duty.

I'm yet to make up a stencil to paint my beekeeper ID on the hives and am waiting for more beekeeping goodies to arrive in the mail.

These guys - or should I say girls as most of them are just that, wont be bothered much over the coming months of cool weather with only the occasional hive inspection. 

The hive is full of brood, bee's and honey, which we can smell when the breeze pops up.

Who else has bee's?

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