Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Seeds and Seedlings

Some seedlings are in the garden already and some are newly sprouted. 
I plant some seeds every few weeks to hopefully grow enough of what we like to carry us through the season. 
I am still yet to master a constant supply, but we do eat pretty much daily from the garden, whether that be herbs, vegetables or fruit even.
I buy my seeds from a few different places, like Greenpatch Organic Seeds & PlantsEden Seeds (through local retailer Oxley Rural Supplies & Produce), Boondie Seeds and also my local Library.
I also manage to save a lot of my own seeds as the original seeds that I do buy are heirloom and non GMO.
I just let most of the plants flower and go to seed and gather once they have dried out or they fall on their own and just start growing again when they are ready.
Do you save your own seeds too?

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