Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Getting ready

What an absolutley glorious day it is here today. 1st day of the last month of Winter, but is sure feels like spring is here. I did plan to do the housework, but the sun beckoned me and I was drawn to the garden of course.
So I got in and cleaned out my banana patch, pulled a few extra suckers to keep the goodness for a select few, snipped away the roaming boysenberry tendrils, tied up the ever growing tomatoes and planted out some seeds.
In no particular preference other than what I picked up first from my spring collection I have sowed chickpea, black cumin, snow pea, heirloom pea mix, honeydew, heirloom watermelon mix, Jack'o'lantern pumpkin, black zucchini, eggplant, corn, heirloom beetroot mix, heirloom basil mix, kohlrabi, tatsoi,bok choy, agertum blue, paper daisy.
These babies will stay inside on my kitchen bench where they will get all the warmth they need to germinate and be out in the garden in not time. Each week I hope to sow out new seeds and just hope I have room in the garden somewhere for them all.
Have you started planning your warm season garden yet?

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