Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Craziness in the garden

Back out in my patch getting my garden organised today....
planted a few continental cucumbers right next to my beehive thinking they'll be pollinated beautifully here. Pop them in, set up my tee-pee trellis and watered in with a soaking of seaweed solution then BAM!!!....the bee's go nuts. I'm thinking they seriously dont like the smell. I am running like the wind with no luck. Copped a nice sting on my back and a good whammy on my nose. Mental note to self, dont water with any smelly goodness near the hive in peak hours!
A little bit later when I think its safe, tried to drag the nasturtium and sweet potato vines that I pulled out earlier up to the chook house and WACK, they are still coming for me. I need to hide!
So onto sowing some more seeds (inside!) ....german pickling cucumber, more zucchini, jack-be-little pumpkin, bolero melon, okra, spaghetti squash and long red chilli (all from my collection of self saved seeds).
Moved the nicely sprouted seedlings from my kitchen bench back outside to make room for the new ones.
And that's about it, the adrenaline is still running through my body, so I think I just need to sit and calm down.
Has anything crazy happened to you today?

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