Monday, 30 July 2018

Good weeds in the garden

I check out my garden every day, a few times a day and when you see it this much, it sometimes seems like everything takes forever to grow! 
Spend 3 days away from it and boom, its like everything has doubled in size. I should have picked a broccoli head before we left, but didn't and now its going to seed, which is totally fine as the busy bee's are going to love it.
I also let some of my 'weeds' just have their way like this beautiful smooth sow thistle, looks like a giant dandelion that stands a good 1.2m tall and has lots of lovely flower buds coming on which the bee's are going to love too. Did you know the whole sow thistle/dandelion from the root to the flower is edible for humans.....have you tried any?
I also planted several daikon radish before we left and they all have sprouted and my other seedlings are becoming the strong plants I look forward to eating!
Do you let any weeds grow for your personal use? Feel free to share your knowledge 

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