Saturday, 4 August 2018

From the garden to the plate

From the garden to the plate.....
Today I got in a cleared out as much sweet potato from its patch as I could to prep it for some spring bounty. I wish I asked someone to take a photo as this patch is right beside my beehive and the bee's weren't overly impressed with the flurry of activity that I had to don my smock to protect me from the guard bee's that were trying to tell me to back off. A hot and sweaty look.
So after all my hard digging, tonight we had lots of yummy simple roasted sweet potato with a salad of greens from the garden, tossed through some parsley, my sweet cherry tomatoes and feta cheese (dressed with a simple mix of olive oil, balsamic and honey) with hubby's homemade rissoles.
Simple and yum.
Are you eating from your patch this weekend?

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