Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Garden to the Plate

From the garden to the plate:
I picked quite a few radish's (watermelon radish mostly plus some other heirloom varieties) the other day, so its been in most of my meals since. Did you know you can cook radish, just like any other root vegetable?
Last night I used it as an added vegetable to our curried sausages, then I had some fresh in my salad for lunch today, then with a few extra yummy ingredients from my garden again I had it in dinner tonight, Wild Rice with Creamy Spinach & Kale.
Now dinner tonight might not look so crash hot with all that green and stuff, but it is yummy as and bursting with flavour. Plus I'd be inclined to think its a pretty healthy choice for my insides, which makes me wonder what my body might do with it when its finished.....😳👾
Have you made and served anything that looks a bit so so, but is oh so YUM!?

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