Friday, 11 May 2018

Lets try some Coastal Natives

Living so close to the beach, I find myself with a very particular micro climate. 
My little garden has a lot to contend with - sea winds and sea spray are our biggest enemy. 
I have over the last few years tried many different plants along the fence line to create a barrier. I've had a good run with the tiger grass along most of the fence except one particular spot.
Last week I did some more research into coastal plants and natives. So I am going to try some new plants to see how they go. I bought little baby tubestock plants from @australianplantsonline in the hope that I can nurture them through the elements here to develop a good 'survival instinct' for this micro climate. 
I wont plant them straight into the face of it all, but keep them quite protected at first and slowly expose them to whats on offer here by the beach.
I also chose plants that would be beneficial to my new bee's. Even though I know these little buzz machines can travel up to a couple of k's away for their food, I would love to see them close to home as well.
The coastal natives I chose are Callistemon 'Candy Pink', Grevillea poorinda 'Splendour', Melaleuca 'Snowflake', Hibiscus - red cottonwood and Xanthostemon Fairhill Gold. 
I also picked out some other coastal tolerant plants like Rhaphiolepis Apple Blossom, dwarf Pomegranate, Metrosideros Fiji Fire and Erigeron - the seaside daisy.
I know where I will be planting the coastal natives, I just need to find a home for the rest of the little plants too. Thank fully they will stay in pots for a little longer to give me time to make up my mind.
What natives have you got growing in your garden?

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