Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Slowly but surely

Its gloomy outside and my body feels the same. I am sick with a cold and I feel downright miserable! Normally a cold only lingers with me for a couple of days, but this one is hanging around and ruining my days. I am just happy to get through the last few days knowing that the kidlets are fed and safe - thats about all I feel I can manage.... I am managing to get a few other things done here and there, but in no hurry at all. Just plodding along as my body and mind allows. I know that soon I will recover and all will still be waiting for me.

New seeds in.



 We have welcomed more furry and feathered friends to our family with Daisy-Jago, a silver Tabby rescue kitten and Sally (white wyandotte) and Rosie (pencil wyandotte) the last of our chickens, bringing our tally to 5 girls out the back. I think that will be enough for a little while, although we do have hopes of adding more - eventually, to our beach farm.

Potatoes taking off.

Self seeded cherry tomatoes.

Flowering Rosella.
 I tried to get a few things done in the garden last week and managed to get some new seeds in and pull out some older, non productive plants - plus a few weeds and now the rain has come so everything is getting a nice water. I also bought some new seeds online and look forward to receiving them with some unusual heirloom seeds in the mix. I have been buying more vegies lately than I care to think about, which means I clearly haven't got the consistency thing going in my garden. Something I am sure will come and be learned with time. I often wish I had more space to grow things like an avocado and mango tree......but then I look over at the beach and remember why I am so grateful for where we live now.

One of 6 Dragon fruits.

My oldest Kidlet loves drawing and colouring.

Seeds saved and ready to be stored.

Bone broth and a few delights from the garden ready to make more Eggplant Kasundi.
 There are only 2 more weeks until the school holidays and I am so looking forward to them. This last term has been and whirlwind adjustment for us all and after the tease of the Easter long weekend I cant wait for more hanging out with the wee ones and slow mornings and cruisey days. We plan to camp for the second week of the school holidays, so I know there will be a whole lot of not much happening then. I will have to find a sitter for Ruby and Daisy as we are camping in National Park and these babies wont be able to join us. Well I am going to try and get a couple of jobs done now so take care and talk soon. x

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