Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Its almost holidays

I am feeling much better this week, with only a few minor coughs and sniffles still hassling me. Nothing a strong coffee cant fix! Hubby has the day off today as it is a public holiday where he works, so a mini date day for us today. We enjoyed a nice coffee at one of the reasonably new cafe's in town who I must say make a "delicious I want more and more' coffee! We came home and he went for a surf while I buzzed around on my coffee high and tidied up the morning chaos. I really achieved so much more than I would have without the coffee I am sure of it....! Slowly and I mean very slowly I am still clearing out our excesses. The more it becomes me the more I notice how much unnecessary stuff we have and how it has absolutely no bearing on our happiness as a family. So be gone junky junk and make way for our fresh, free and simple life!

My garden storage nook (finally tidied up).

And a bit more.

Saved this baby from bunnings, was on its last legs but has come good.

Blooming Salvia.

Baby seedlings coming to life.

Okra babies.
 The garden is definitely transitioning into the cooler season growth. The lawn has stopped growing nuts and the pace has slowed to a lovely cool and inviting speed at which to work more in the garden and get those jobs that are otherwise to hot to achieve in the summer days. This cooler season I am going to set up my irrigation system as I spent way too much time hand watering and probably using more water than needed. Soon we'll have tanks too. We are about to start a bit of a renovation on our house. It is in dire need of some serious repairs. Living so close to the beach has its ups and downs and the effect on the house (and cars) is far from desirable. The exterior is having a complete face-lift and with new gutter and down pipes going in, I jumped in for a tank or two to catch the glorious rain we seem to get often enough.

Okra flowering.

Two types of kale just starting to pick up.

A few tomatoes ripening again.

Cookies baked this morning for the kidlets lunches.

Tin milk jug I scored at Op shop and repainted.

Surfboards are always ready to go.

The school holidays are almost here and I am so excited. I cant wait to just hang out with my little buddies and not have to rush them along each morning to get out of the house in time for school. The first week of the holidays will be spent chilling at home, a park visit here and there, a trip down to the local billabong (zoo thingy), visit to the library to grab so books and maybe a few catch ups with friends here and there. The second week we are going camping. A whole week. I have not been camping for that long forever. Normally only a few days, but this will be awesome. We are camping with family and extended family so there will be kids galore! I will be sure to take a book or two to widdle my days away in the hammock. I cant wait for the holidays! Take care and talk soon x.

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