Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fitness in my life

Not sure if anyone knows, but in between all my gardening, cooking and simple living I also love to keep fit. As I am getting fitter (since having babies) and as my babies get older, I am looking forward to doing some races again. BC (before children) I used to dabble in triathlons and pretty much any sport that was offered my way, so I have had a lot of stuff just sitting in the back of the cupboard or in storage waiting for the miraculous day that it would find itself in use again. Such things include my touch footy shoes (which are quite hard and I could probably do with a new pair for next summer season), my tri gear and my bike. Just a week or so ago hubby put the idea in my head about competing in the upcoming Camden Haven triathlon and just doing the sprint distance to get started. So I dug out the bike and got about checking to see if it was in any order to ride again - well hubby did for me. Sure enough he got it back up and on the go and I had my first session back on the bike on Monday and I will do another one today as I missed my run this morning because I rolled my ankle on the weekend at Parkrun. Soon enough I'll be wanting more, but for now time permits just little bits here and there and with that I am quite happy.

My bike and shoes that haven't seen the light of day for quite a few years!

Self seeding cherry tomatoes and sunflowers popping up everywhere in my garden!

Rosella's growing up.

My single carrot that is trying to grow has pretty much been eaten back by an unknown culprit!

My garden is full of wealth to our family.

On my windowsill.

Jessie and Trixie not pleased about the new kids on the block. 

Lottie and Maisie very curious about their new surroundings.
I have not been so busy in the garden as I have mentioned previously in my blogs, February was just too hot. And now hubby and I have pulled everything out from our storage under the house to sort and hopefully get rid of heaps of stuff. So now all this 'stuff' is in the way of my gardening table and procrastination is getting the better of me. I cant decide whether to just move it all out of the way or actually sort it and put away/do away with it properly. Either way its not a quick job - hence my procrastination. Although hubby also wants it to get a wiggle on (he would do it but I wont let him...)as he is about to brew another batch of his delightful beer. So far we have managed to sell a lot of the bigger items like our old personal training and boot camp gear. It was so nice to see it go after holding onto for all these years wondering if we would or should ever use it again. Hubby took the hard line and I finally came on board. It actually does feel nice to clear all this clutter out of our lives. So each day I spend about an hour just getting through what I can, slowly watching that space come back to us. Hopefully sooner than later though.

Salvia of somekind flowering - I think.....the plant was given to me and I forget what she called it.

Pickings from the garden for dinner one night.

White squash adorning our plates now.

An attempt at growing potatoes in baskets with elaborate covering to keep the chookies out!

Okra growing nicely thanks to Bridget for seed sharing.

Lots of pumpkins coming along, this one I pollinated today.

Carrot tacos da bomb for dinner. Seriously delicious.
 I also gave blood on the weekend and have been quite tired ever since. So I have been taking a lot of self convincing ever since to keep doing things. Besides the constant reminder of everything around me telling me what I need to do yet, I also have my own inability to sit still. I have never been much of a day napper, so unless I am about to fall off my feet I keep plodding along. Then I get the guilt's a bit when I have my wee ones asking me to play Lego with them (all the time) or play an imaginary game of some sort or anything else and I often say "just wait, mummy has to do her jobs". I do spend many occasions throughout the day playing with them for short bursts, they dont understand that I cant play all day. Breaks my heart. But then I hope that I am teaching them in some way the other factors of life that will become part of them too one day. Any hoo, I am off to do a wind-trainer session on my bike while bubby is sleeping, talk soon. x

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