Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Making room for more family

We are adding to our family and I'd like to introduce Ruby Ninja. At 9 weeks old, our little Jack Russell (JR) is an absolute pocket rocket - while she's not napping. She is completely adored already and will have a blast growing up with the wee ones. We chose a JR as they are apparently good little hunters and with us living so close to rainforest and the beach we get regular visits from bush rats and the like. So hoping little Rubz will learn to scare them off! 

The gorgeous Ruby Ninja

Rubz not sure about the girls out back, Jessie keeps a close eye on her.

Lottie and Maisie just starting to mingle with Jessie. Tonight they will all sleep together for the first time.

Jessie keeping guard.

The very large goanna that attacked Trixie (RIP)
It has been quite a traumatic couple of weeks recently for my beautiful chookies. We have had an onslaught from the goanna's. The one pictured attacked our big black beauty Trixie and unfortunately she didn't survive and now rests under the lime tree and will be remembered. The very next day another one, not quite as big attacked the babies, luckily I was there very quickly and managed to rescue Lottie, but not before she suffered some injuries. I managed to help her heal with some iodine spray and she has come full circle and going about her daily business as usual. We borrowed our sister's dog to come and stay with us for a week to help scare the goanna's away as they were coming daily (a few different ones each day) and I was stressing to the max! Thankfully it seemed that Bounty did her job and we haven't seen another goanna since. I know they will probably come back and now the weather is cooling too so they hibernate. Hopefully Ruby will have a crack at scaring them off next summer.
Teeny tiny rosella's on their tiny bushes.

Our birdseye chili.

Another chili, not sure of the name tho.....

Jalepeno chili's

The garden needs some love! I have been busy elsewhere, but things are still happily coming along. I have about 15 pumpkins about the place and the vine just wants to keep taking over everything. I have to continuously wrap it back over itself. There are about 7 different types of chili's growing around the place, not sure of all the types as some were given to us and we saved the seeds from the original chili. We love chili and find most often a meal seems lacking if it missing a bit of spice. The kidlets can handle a bit too. My paw paw tree has flourished this year. Last year they were wonky and small, now they are abundant and large. I love paw paw, would have to be one of my fave fruits! I really need to get some more seeds in the ground/pots and I will make that a must do for the week.

An abundance of paw paw's coming through this year.

Potatoes growing nicely in old washing basket.

Pigeon Pea growing nuts among the pumpkins.

More than half of our clothes are going to find a new home.
Finally we have started to sort out all our stuff (crap!) and by golly we have so much! I have spent the best part of the last 2 weeks sorting, selling, giving away clothes and shoes and toys and exercise equipment and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. I am over it! So much stuff has just sat stored under our house (attracting you know what) and has not been touched in years. So its time to say good bye. Hubby and I even went through our wardrobes and were ruthless, getting rid of over half of what was in there. I would wear stuff I didn't really like just because it was there and I felt that I should otherwise it would be more. I do regular washing so I will always have clean clothes and so I have decided to just keep the things I really like and feel most comfortable in. Quite invigorating and addicting. I have gone a bit off the edge now though and look at everything with the evil eye wondering if we really need it or not.....will keep you updated and talk soon x

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