Monday, 10 July 2017

Sweet Potato, Fish Cakes and Pesto

The other day in the garden I pulled up the sweet potato crop - all 10kg of it! I also knocked one of my basil bushes over by accident so I picked all the leaves and made pesto. 

Last night we had pesto and chicken pasta for dinner. Using up roast chicken from the night before.
Tonight was a special of sweet potato fishcakes - using all ingredients from the garden, plus an egg from the girls out back and the (black fish) caught by hubby from the beach across the road, served with a side of broccoli. 
Every ingredient on the plate fresh and had not traveled more than 100m to provide a wholesome meal for my beautiful family. So grateful! 

Every ingredient from my garden or across the road from the ocean.

Sweet potato fishcakes and broccoli.


Yummy homemade pesto.
Pesto and Chicken Pasta.

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