Monday, 26 June 2017

Turmeric Sensations

This past week has seen my life consumed by turmeric. Sunday a week ago I harvested my bountiful crop. Digging up rhizome by rhizome, shaking, dusting and sorting. I dutifully picked the roots from the mother, separated the fingers and washed them all thoroughly. Time to weigh in..... just over 5kg!

Now what to do with it all. I put it out there to my local friends via Facebook and the response was overwhelming. I was put to work sorting bags of goodness in 3 different ways. First the fingers of fresh turmeric went to 10 homes. Then with some turmeric saved in the freezer, some fresh mothers and some extra ingredients I made Golden Milk paste to be enjoyed as a tea/latte, this glorious concoction going to 9 homes. Finally with the rest of my fresh turmeric I made powder. Sweating then dehydrating over a couple of days before whizzing up to a glorious powder with this baby going to 12 homes! I think its fair to say that there is a fair share to turmeric goodness getting around town at the moment. 

There was a keen line up of people that missed out, so next season I hope to plant double. I wonder if that will be enough??? I was on a high all week harvesting, concocting and spreading this gloriously healthy and natural produce from my very own garden. The reward is priceless. Thank you to the locals (and interest from afar) who shared in this magic.

My wee little turmeric patch.

Splendid turmeric fingers.

Jars of homemade Golden Milk paste.

Golden Milk latte or tea.

My favourite -, turmeric powder.

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