Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Banana's and More Banana's.

In the kitchen today I baked banana bread using some of the bananas I picked from my tree a couple of weeks ago. 
Initially we ate heaps fresh, then I froze a few bunches to use for smoothies and ice cream and another couple of bunches were put in the fridge.
They will last longer there but the downside is the skin goes black. The flesh on the inside is still nice and firm for eating. Hubby and I ate them but the kids weren't so keen. 
Eventually they are too ripe for me to eat as well so today I baked. 
This by far is my favourite recipe to use and I also add some extra seeds instead of nuts so its school friendly.
I have my 3rd bunch coming along and today I went out to find another baby bell just starting out. 
Perhaps you could share your tried and tested banana bread recipe.

Banana bread a plenty.

Yummy goodness.

Bunch number 3 on its way.
Baby bell, our 4th cluster of banana's.

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