Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Introducing Trixie and Jessie

Well we finally finished the chookhouse, but not before we got the new girls. We didn't plan for things to happen so quickly but Trixie (the Barnavelder) was about to move to Sydney so we picked her up and secured the house enough to keep her safe. We didn't want her to be alone, so I went and picked up Jessie (a Wheaten Maran) the next day. Then it rained for a few days straight which was really annoying, especially while we were trying to get the roof on and the house finished, but we did it and now they have settled in nicely. Trixie is quite friendly and although not too happy to be picked up will let me give her a cuddle, while Jessie on the other hand is not keen at all. I wait till she goes into her roost at night and then give her some loving pats. Determined they will be pets and part of our family. Now I am eagerly awaiting our eggs. And in case your wondering, yes we will be getting more, just waiting for the right ones to come along.

Trixie (left) and Jessie (right).

The chook house.

Jessie, a Wheaten Maran.

Trixie - a Barnavelder.
 The sun has started shining after a pretty miserable week of rain and wind. I do love the rain when it comes and nourishes my garden, but the wind just makes it downright awful! Its nice for the wee ones to be able to get out and play and turn the darn TV off! We have been busy weeding the clover from the lawn, planting out some new baby seeds - although the wind might have got to most of them, and making new friends - with people not the chickens..... My most grateful moment this week was meeting a lovely new friend. Well not exactly meeting for the first time, but actually catching up and getting to know each other better - I can see many good times ahead. As I grow older (and wiser) it really becomes so much more simpler and kinder to your soul when you realise that the quality friendships far out weigh the quantity of friendships. And so I'm sticking to that.

The kidlets play trees.

Nasturtiums. Do you enjoy them added to your salads?

Lemon flowers.

Cape Gooseberry, Blueberry and Raspberry.

Waiting for homes.

Red Dragonfruit.
Glorious Lemons.
Just on a final note, might be a little late now the lemon season is over, but my favourite thing to do with a bounty of glorious lemons is to zest the skins and store in the freezer in a container, then juice the lemons and freeze in ice cube trays, pop out once frozen and store in a container in the freezer too. You will have lemon zest and juice on the ready for cooking anytime, plus its already prepared.
Now I'm off to enjoy the sun some more and give some more of my plants in pots new homes.

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