Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Camping season has started

We have spent the last few days camping at another beautiful spot just an hour away. This is the first time I have been game enough to venture away from all the 'niceties' of my home with a baby. And it was wonderful! We had the best 4 days of river drifts, surfing, bike riding, kids laughing, lazing in the sun and sausages. The only downside was DD hurt her foot the first morning and couldn't join in a lot of things as she had to keep it dry and clean. We did have a quick visit to the hospital, but no stitches were needed. My darling girl did very well for the whole trip considering. After a few days 'off' (we home-keepers rarely allow ourselves anytime off I think), I was fully rejuvenated and ready to get back home to my garden (which seems to have grown more weeds than plants and veges while I was gone), the chickens and whatever projects I find for myself. Plus the cleanup after camping. So much to do, at least daylight savings has started and I have an extra hour in the day.....don't I?

Trixies beautiful eggs, which she started laying straight after my last blog post.

I'm attempting to dry some parsley on the back of the kitchen door.

 Before we left to go camping I quickly popped a few seeds into the ground as I knew there would be some lovely warm weather while we were away. Nothing has sprouted yet (besides more weeds - must mulch, note to self), but I still check several times a day! It really is starting to feel like summer, so I need to make sure I get out there early in the morning or late in the afternoon to get grubby and give some loving. I have so many other little gardening projects that I want to do which can be done in the shade of my NZ Christmas tree, so the days will still end with dirt under the nails and scrambling to get dinner sorted.

Potatoes were planted out this morning in the back garden.

My bounty from the local fruit and veg store, plenty of cooking to be done (and eating).

 One garden that always produces amazing crops is at my DD's preschool. This morning I helped myself to a huge bunch of Kale. The best tip I can give when you pick kale or any leafy green is to pop it straight in the sink with cold water for at least an hour, then drain and make sure it is pretty dry. Store in an airtight container and it will stay crisp in the fridge for at least a week. Or take the stalks off and blanch or steam lightly and freeze for later. I love kale and the wee ones will quite happily eat it in a quiche or pie. 

Kale from DD's preschool.
Homemade bread, sliced with the electric knife($8 from the local op shop), almost perfect slices every time. 

Thanks for all the love recently, new and old. Feel free to share any ideas and tips with me, always so much to learn. x

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