Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Farms and friends

Much of the same stuff going on at our 'beach farm' this week, busy in the garden, cooking in the kitchen, chasing after wee ones. We did head up to our friends farm on the weekend to catch up and I had to remind myself before we left to be grateful of where I live. They live on some lovely property by the river and have everything there I could wish for. So I bought some back with me. Lots of pretty plants to mingle into our edible garden with hopes of attracting the ever amazing 'pollinators' to visit.
Can anyone tell me what this beautiful flower is?
Have started planting out some of my seedlings into the garden and they are going well. I'll just keep pottering away and enjoying myself as I do. The weather is definitely starting to warm up and I even managed to go for my first swim at the beach since before winter. Still a little fresh, but envigorating and amazing.
Baby sunflowers.

Alpine strawberry, sweet corn and radish.

Snow peas



Still sprouting.

A gorgeous hippeastrum I received from some lovely friends.

A bounty of oranges, lemonades and mandarins from friends again.

Potatoes are 'chitting'.

Carrot tops.

Chook house almost done.
The chicken house is almost done and we have started looking about for its new tenants. Hoping to get 4 girls of varying traditional breeds. That's about it for me, just a quick scribble while the baby sleeps, plenty of work still to be done.

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