Saturday, 9 July 2016

Beyond busy!

It has been forever since I wrote last, almost 2 months in fact. I am sorry. I swear I am living in another world at the moment. Since I last blogged, all 3 of my babies had a birthday – plus parties, our renovations have been in full swing and to top it off hubby had a pretty nasty accident. He is very lucky. In our reno/DIY attempts he was knocking down the outside concrete stairs and as the stairs came down they collected the pole that was supporting them and flung it out and hit him in the head, resulting in a fractured skull and lacerated ear. He was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle where he underwent 5 hours of brain surgery and ear reconstruction. Thankfully he is recovering nicely, although he is no longer allowed to DIY much!

Fresh buns out of the oven.

Lots of over ripe banana's makes good banana bread to freeze.

Baby papaya plants.

My ginger haul.

Rainbow chard still producing! (amongst the rubble)

Poor comfrey all trodden, hopefully it comes back ok.

Beautiful beetroot.

Green manure crop.

The garden has copped a bit of a hiding with the contractors stomping around, but I am still managing to get some lovely crops up and blooming. There are a few empty beds around, resting and waiting for me to find the time to attend and plant something glorious in them. I look out at the yard and pretty much just want to close my eyes so I cant see all the rubble and mess around. I cant wait for the scaffolding to come down which will probably not be for a few more weeks yet. I planted about 100 garlic bulbs last week and they have all popped up to say hello and there are lots of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, fennel, leek, broadbeans, Swedes, parsnips, capsicums, tomatoes, silverbeet, kale and a green manure crop growing and enjoying the cooler weather.

3 different types of Kale.

Swedes and broadbeans.

Black capsicum, from a mixed heirloom pack.

Fennel babies.

Reno mess.

and more mess.

and more stomped garden.

Been gone soon please scaffolding....

A remodel of hubby's fractured scull.
I have had this draft blog waiting for weeks to start and finish. There has been so much going on in the last couple of months I just have not had time for much else than reno's and kids! All around me is mess and piles of stuff that has been moved around to make way for something being built and waiting for it to finish so I can put it away. I am not sure when that will be but I am hoping sooner than later. I heard renovations always take longer than expected and this in surely going to be the case here too. At least I know that when it is all finished we will be able to live a lot more comfortably and enjoy what we have and where we live. I hope it doesn't take me as long to write y'all again, but please understand why if it does. Talk soon x

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