Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Birthday season

Its been a while since I managed to write here as its been quite busy round our place. We have our reno's finally happening and coordinating all the contractors is harder than one would think. We have had to put off the start a few times already as we don't want the scaffolding up any longer than needed - especially with the wee ones around that will think its a new climbing contraption for them. Good luck to me to keep them off it! Its also birthday season for us. We have 6 birthdays (including our very close extending family) over the next 2 months with my baby boy turning 4 tomorrow!!! He is so happy and excited for his birthday it just melts me. Of course nothing goes to plan for me and I ended up over cooking/burning a batch of cupcakes for him to celebrate at preschool, so had to make another and now they aren't all the same, hopefully the little ones don't notice too much.... Then as usual a last minute scramble to the shops to find a birthday present. What to get the kidlets when you feel they already have enough but don't want them to go with out. Such a conundrum. Anyway, all kinda sorted for now and my next focus is his cake, hmmmm.

A lovely sunset at home.

The first bit of scaffolding for our reno's went up today.

A couple of my 20 or so pumpkins catching some sun before storage.

Pigeon Pea blossoming.

My garden pal - Ruby, follows me everywhere!

Pumpkin in the Bay Tree.
The cool weather crops are starting to take off here with my little seedlings really liking the cool change. Its really interesting to see how the different types of seeds are affected by the temps in the air and the ground. Things that I have been cheekily trying to get growing before its best sow date just weren't happening but are now starting to give me love. A lesson to just be patient and wait till they are ready (something which I am not very good at). Looking out in the garden it looks bare, but up close I can see all the little baby seedlings sprouting. A few plants have consistently provided for a good 6 months now - Rainbow Silverbeet, eggplants, beans. Everyday I am able to put something on our plates from the garden and it feels so much more nourishing knowing it was picked minutes ago and is completely organic. As my babies get older and I am able to dedicate more time to the garden (babies win in the dedication of mummy time factor) I hope more and more will come from the garden and eventually do away with the shops.... wouldn't that be nice?!?!

Roma tomatoes on round two. 
Eggplants just don't stop producing!

Chilli's are another constant in the garden.

New kholrabi seedlings.

The girls all waiting for me to let them out. 
Giant Paw Paws from seeds from my Grandmother in Brisbane.

More Chilli's! And pumpkin trying to take over...
Lately I seem to be battling with myself over my want to get rid of everything that seems to be cluttering our home and the worry that I might need it down the track. In my past I have been known to be a bit of a hoarder - I like to think of it as keeping just in case. So much stuff has just sat there for years in storage and to be honest, I forgot it was even there. Plus if I did think I had something somewhere, when I needed it I couldn't find it because I forgot where I put it and ending up having to buy another of whatever it was anyway! Grrr, more stuff. So I think its best to kinda clear out to start again. But this time be organised. Can that happen - with wee ones? My attempts at organising everything seems to have created more mess as the distractions of day to day life get in the way and my uncanny ability to procrastinate after everything has been pulled out seem to be a bit of the problem. In my mind it will all get sorted, but I do wonder when that will happen and so does Hubby for that matter. Maybe I really should be down there sorting the junk instead of here blabbing about it, oh well, time will tell..... talk soon, x.

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