Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Housewife and happy

Now that our daily routines are starting to work themselves out so too is my daily routine. However I do still manage to get side tacked very easily, so I sought out some daily and monthly cleaning routines to see if it helps me. Today hubby gets home and comments first thing about how tidy the house is looking. I followed a cleaning routine from start to finish and the results were happy housewife alright! I managed to get the house looking spic and span in no time. So I have stuck the routines up to see if its something I can maintain and if ultimately it works. I got my routines for daily cleaning here and monthly cleaning here. I'll have to adjust and add some tasks here and there, but it pretty much covers everything. So along with all that I also whipped up a few quick cleaning products that are nice and safe to use around my family as well as some more of my favourite homemade laundry liquid.

Dragon fruit flower, next to see if it fruits. Fingers crossed.

Ginger starting to look like its getting ready for harvest.

German Pickling cucumbers that just seem to grow like crazy - everywhere. Very hardy.

My basket bounty - just a regular day,

Red Mignonette Lettuce seeds I saved.
The garden just keeps on keeping on. Admittedly not as much seems to be happening at the moment. Everything seems to be relaxing a bit for the next growing season. My seedlings got a little feed of seasol and have sprung new leaves so they seem a bit happier. I wonder though if they were a little stressed and perhaps now wont be so plentiful - live and learn I guess. Our dragon fruit has set of a single flower again this year, so hopefully it will soon follow up with a beautiful fruit. I do wish I could grow more fruit here. we certainly go through it, though the main fruit consumption does not seem to grow so well in this area. I sometimes feel we are in the worst spot for fruit growing being not quite hot enough for tropical fruit and not quite cold enough for the well cold kinda fruits. I have a nice bunch of paw paw's coming on, but the tree doesn't seem to get enough sun during the fruit ripening stage so takes forever and then the possums get to them before me anyway! In saying all of this though, I am going to start adding a fruit tree collection just to see if I can grow them. They will all live in pots so that I can move them around, but I guess they wont get that big - which is OK as I dont really have the room anyway.

Making Laundry liquid.

My favourite way to roast a chicken.

Tortillas for dinner tonight.

Local Honey we buy, made/collected at a High School near Hubby's work.

Hubby's latest obsession - He will guest post soon too, so keep your eye out.


Puzzles with my boy.
Mostly I have been spending my days blissfully getting around my home, taking the kids off to school and other lessons as needed. The comfort of my own place appeals to me so much, that I often feel I could just stay home and keep myself happily occupied for days and days. I used to feel that I had to be out socialising but the stress of keeping that up just wore me out and now I quite contentedly just do what I want when I want and we all seem so much happier for it. The kidlets have developed a lot more independence and desire to find things to do for themselves and if they make a mess or break something its not so bad, its our place after all. Time to go and bake some school muffins, talk soon. x

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