Friday, 5 February 2016

Big School

Big milestones for our family this week. My oldest baby started Kindergarten and my middle boy started preschool. Lots of adjusting and learning for all of us. Lots of new things to try, research, practice. We are all a tad excited..... and nowe are also all tired. Trying to figure out our new routines and what we all need to do to make it work - for everyone. Now that the weekend is upon us, we can relax a little. The kidlets have gone of to bed easier than ever before and I was just about to surf the web a bit for some school lunch ideas when I realised it has been a while since I blogged. After being on holidays with the wee ones for 6 weeks, it was very easy to get lax about everything. Having not blogged for a bit, it seemed quite easy to keep procrastinating. No longer shall I! Back to my routine for my own sake too.

 A little bounty from my patch.

Maisie and Lottie getting more feathers.

Pumpkins coming along - about 5 out there now.

A few things we have made lately - Tomato/Chili relish, Bread and Butter Pickles, Sambal Oelek, Hummus.
The garden is going through a bit of a change of life, with some older stuff reaching the end of its days and being replaced by fresh new seedlings. I never grow tired of seeing all the amazing plants that have grown from a tiny seed to be able to become food on our plates that nourish us and in turn give us life. Some times I have so much goodness I dont quite know what to do with it all and I cant give enough of it away. Especially when it seems the like minded people that I offer it too already have their own bounty to deal with! Very comforting to know there are others out there that share this love of a natural and simple life. I am learning to make and thus include new foods in our diet. It is quite pleasing to hear hubby say 'keep bringing it' because it really is so good!

I love Hydrangeas.

My boys favouite teddy in the world, goes everywhere with him.

Tumeric Tea in the making.

Just one of my beautiful ginger plants.
I often wish I had more time - or maybe just the inclination to be crafty. I see so many amazing little projects and I think 'Yeah, I could do that', but somehow it rarely eventuates. I try to convince myself that its because I have the 3 wee ones and they along with my garden and kitchen habits take up all my time. Can I have it all or do I have to choose between them - first world problems!! I also seem to have a small problem with starting these crafty ideas or collecting the items I need for them and thats as far as it goes. I need to create (another 'something' that prob wont happen...) a place to keep my treasures for a time when there is time. Until then I guess I will just keep being inspired but not quite motivated.

1/24 rock melons we enjoyed of late.

Baby Papaya's.

My sweet baby seedlings who get more love and attention than most other things (besides the kidlets of course).
So for the next week I reckon I'll be filling my time creating new (and hopefully brain enhancing) snacks and lunches for my school babies, planting out a heap more new seedlings and catching up on all the other blogs I like to follow. I have also tried to link into twitter if you are a user.You can follow me here or search for me - @catjd22 and I'm also on Facebook here or search for me - simplybythebeach. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back soon xx

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