Wednesday, 23 August 2017

End of the season

Its definitely coming to the end of the cool season for my garden, fewer treats coming up to the kitchen. I've been tidying up and pulling out plants that have seen better days. I'll post a video of my garden soon to show how much is NOT going on in my garden. Though I am excited for the prep to welcome spring and summer. I'll get a load of cow & compost in and top up and freshen up some of the beds. I cant wait for the new growing season and I can feel it already in the air most days. 

I picked a bit here and there from the garden yesterday and ended up with a mixed bowl of cape gooseberries, little caps, an heirloom tomato of which type I am not sure and a random snow pea. Little snacks the kids will have eaten by morning, except the tomatoes, which aren't quite ready yet.

Also in the kitchen I'm mixing up a tea concoction for my next batch of Kombucha and my collection of eggs shells that I either crush up and spread around the garden or like today, add to my compost bin.

How is your garden looking these days?

a few little garden treats.

Kombucha tea concoction.

Egg shell collection.

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